Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

StudyUpEmt.com 2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to StudyUpEMT.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. 

All Rights Reserved

StudyUpEMT.com content and works on this site are protected works of StudyUpEMT.com. All rights reserved. Any distribution, reproduction, password sharing, on this website with any electronic device(s) or in or any other databases is strictly prohibited. 


Users of StudyUpEMT.com questions is solely for practice course knowledge. Information in our database is to prepare the user for National Certification EMT exams. The information is not used for diagnose, treatment, legal and/or operational advice. Must be 18 years of age to access website content. If under the age of 18 user must get permissions from guardian. Underage users accessing StudyUpEMT.com material without the authorization of adult, guardian, power of attorney, and any other form of parental guidance he/she account(s) will be discontinued immediately, no refund(s), and guardian will not hold StudyUpEMT.com liable for any damages that might have or could occur, Employees, Staff, Offices, Productions, Marketing, and any other departments will not be liable for any direct, indirect, and/or incidental damages from this site. It is strictly prohibited from sharing, copying, distributing, selling, creating course work for profitable gain. Any material on StudyUpEMT.com may only be used to link share along with full and clear credit is given to StudyUpEMT.com. Any course material created for schools may use content with the written approval by StudyUpEMT.com. Accessing the material on StudyUpEMT.com users agree to waive any claim they may have against StudyUpEMT.com for practicing any of the content presented in or on StudyUpEMT.com. Any participation that causes physical, emotional, mental damage will also waive any claims against StudyUpEMT.com. Content on StudyUpEMT.com may contain errors in content. Any content errors will be immediately corrected. All course work material is up to date information. No warranties or guarantees of information in our database.

Data Usage / Stored Data

StudyUpEMT.com is not responsible for any data overage charges you may occur from any cell phone providers or internet companies. Use of any electronic device that displays our information users are responsible for data use and/or data overages. User will not hold StudyUpEmt.com liable for any lost or damaged information stored on hard drives or any device(s) that withholds data storage. 

Passing Exam

User will understand that there is no guarantee successfully passing the National Certification Exam with StudyUpEMT.com. User must acknowledge that it is their responsibility to cover all material in and out of class. StudyUpEMT.com is a database of information to help identify and recall material to help guide the user to successfully pass the National Certification Exam. Users will not hold StudyUpEMT.com for any physical, mental, emotional, and/or monetary damages towards any and/or all EMT National Exams. 

Failed National Certification Exam

Users that fail the National Registry simply need to contact Studyupemt.com through our contact page link. Users that have failed the National Registry Exam may have the opportunity to extend their account. It is solely at the discretion of Studyupemt.com. We shall evaluate the account and determine through the person(s) test scores if, a) person(s) overall percentage scores are passing. b) person(s) has significant login times per day throughout the duration of their membership. c) must send in (email) a photo copy of exam score stating user “did not pass” the National Registry Exam. Extending membership is at the discretion of Studyupemt.com. 


Content may not display rationals for our practice questions. We encourage the user to go back to text books and notes to find rationals. This gives the user the opportunity to read more in depth with information about practices, skills, diagnoses, medications, etc. It is the users responsibility to study all class material and utilize Studyupemt.com practice questions to help successfully pass the National Registry Exam. Studyupemt.com is a system to help the user recall and identify information and practice computerized testing. 

User Name/Password

Password sharing is prohibited. User will not share, screen shot, print, download test questions for other users, organizations, schools, or any other entity. Users account will be terminated and notified with no refund. All practice test questions are copy rights reserved. 

All Sales are Final

Studyupemt.com will only correct certification level modules the user might have accessed mistakenly. Users account will be evaluated for further action. If Studyupemt.com feels that the user is abusing access to certification level modules, monetary expenses will not be refunded. Errors will be corrected for the user. It is the users responsibility to sign up for the correct certification level. The user will be prorated or charged the correct amount of the certification level once corrected by Studyupemt.com. It will be at the discretion of Studyupemt.com. If the user has used 50% or more of the test modules the user will not be refunded. It is at the discretion of Studyupemt.com to refund user if the user has used less than 50% of the modules. 

System Updates

Studyupemt.com is constantly upgrading and implementing new content and data for the best experience for our members. Updates are at the discretion of Studyupemt.com. Users may not be contacted for any upgrades or minor changes. If Studyupemt.com creates any major changes that we may feel might affect users accounts, Studyupemt.com may send a notification to each user stating the upgrades. If any errors have caused issues for the user(s) account, Studyupemt.com will evaluate and correct the issues for the users. If any user is experiencing difficulties with modules due to upgrades on behalf of Studyupemt.com, user must contact Studyupemt.com immediately for further review. 


Studyupemt.com is not in any way shape or form affiliated with National Registry and/or State affiliations. All material is up to date information that our departments have gathered to help the user successfully pass the National Certification Exam. All material is gathered and evaluated by Studyupemt.com to give the most current and accurate information the user requires. All employee’s of Studyupemt.com are certified EMT’s and have all taken the National Registry Exam and successfully passed. Any concerns and/or questions users must contact Studyupemt.com on the “contact us” link.

Terms and Conditions Modification

Terms and Conditions may be modify at anytime at the discretion of Studyupemt.com. Any terms and conditions that may change users experience on accounts will be notified through Studyupemt.com account or through email. It is Studyupemt.com discretion to notify members of any terms and conditions that might effect members accounts.  

All Rights Reserved

StudyUpEMT.com content and works on this site are protected works of StudyUpEMT.com. All rights reserved. Any distribution, reproduction, password sharing, on this website with any electronic device(s) or in this database is strictly prohibited.