You now have been invited for a job interview, Congratulations! We have put together some tips to help guide you on the proper dress code for your interview. Your first impression is the most important step in the interview process. Why is it important? I am glad you asked… I want to give you an example about external communication. Let’s say you went to your local grocery store and as you were shopping you see a person standing there wearing their favorite jersey (we will use the Dallas Cowboys for this example.) This person obviously likes the Dallas Cowboys team, because the jersey displays the colors and the team name. This person communicated to you without verbally telling you that they like the Dallas Cowboys, the jersey says it all.

When you show up to your interview, the external communication you display to the employer is vital to how the rest of your interview will take place. If they see a clean and well dress individual the communication will go a long way for you. Also, take in mind that employee’s working at the place you are applying, are watching you. Employers will ask employee’s what they thought of you just to get more feedback to justify why they will want to hire you. So be very careful. Now, since we got that out of the way let’s look at some tips below.


  • This may sound old fashion but you need to wear a suit or what is dress appropriate for the position. Do not wear your uniform to the interview from another EMS service (unless the employer needs to see you asap, we know this can take place in the EMS world.) But make clear to the employer that you would have dressed up to meet with them. It will show them that you respect their position and them as an individual. Get a nicely fit suit that is not too tight or looks big on you.

  • Wear matching suit pants and jacket. A dark colored suit with a light button shirt goes well.

  • Do not wear bright and flashy shirts or ties. That means do not wear the tie your aunt gave you for Christmas that has some sort of cheesy symbol or funny meme on it. It must match nicely with your shirt and suit.

  • Make sure your suit has been pressed or ironed. If you do not have an iron take it to the cleaners or borrow one from a friend. Make sure wrinkles are not an issue with your attire.

  • Make sure you bathe before your interview and wear deodorant. Don’t go in your interview smelling like you just left the gym. Brush your teeth before your interview. Do not wear cologne to the interview or any type of body spray that replicates cologne. You might cause an allergic reaction or a non-stop sneezing fest during the interview. You do not want your interview to be discontinued because the employer thinks your cologne is too strong and they cannot continue. Your $15 dollar bottle of cologne just costed you the job.

  • Make sure your hair is well groomed. Make sure you shave and if you have a full beard make sure it is nicely trimmed.

  • If you smoke, do not smoke before your interview.

  • Your shoes must be clean and match with your suit. Do not go in your interview wearing a suit and white sneakers. Make sure they are not scuffed but well polished and clean.

If you get a second interview same rules apply. Second interviews usually have other employee’s sitting in the interview. The employer wants to see if you mesh well with other employees. The employer will get feedback from them once you leave. You want to make a good impression to everyone involved in the interview process. Before you leave the house to the interview make sure you do a head to toe check. Everything has to look clean, match, and well ironed. Dress for the occasion and the journey that lies ahead. Good Luck!